3 Things to “Forget About” When Selecting a Virtual Assistant **Top 5 Tip Winner**

3 Things to “Forget About” When Selecting a Virtual Assistant

Back in the day, I was known to watch a good mafia/mob movie or two. Nowadays, they would not be my movie of choice; however, I distinctly remember the infamous phrase “forget about it”.

checkOften business owners are looking for a Virtual Assistant with the wrong approach and expectations. This mentality is often due to a lack of knowledge about the VA industry and/or misinformation. The first step to working successfully with a Virtual Assistant is finding the right one. If you are a business owner in search of your perfect Virtual Assistant these are 3 things I would ask you to “forget about it”.

1. You are going to get something “great” for nothing — forget about it!
Many business owners have heard about Virtual Assistants and how they can benefit their business. Unfortunately, they may not have the budget to truly partner with one or may be unsure if VAs are worthy of their rates. When I first established my VA business (more often than I would like to remember) I encountered Request for Proposals (RFPs) with unimaginably low rates. You should not low ball when comes to finding an expert that will be a valuable partner in maintaining or growing your business.

2. You are just hiring another employee — forget about it!
Virtual Assistants are not employees; they are business owners. Ultimately, you are contracting with a service provider to assist you with a specific need. You are partnering with them as experts to accomplish a specific task or for ongoing support for your business. Please do not require a resume; however, feel free to ask for references or a portfolio.

3. All Virtual Assistants are created equal — forget about it!
I am honored to be a part of the Virtual Assistant industry. It is growing at an incredible rate and it is full of talented VAs with different niches and specialties. To get a good idea of the many specialties available visit the Virtual Assistantville Directory. I recommend you find the right VA that can help with your specific need. Ensure that she is experienced or trained with the correct skill set. As with any other service provider; do your due diligence before contracting with one. The worst thing you want to do is contract with someone and be disappointed by the VA’s lack of knowledge in that area. Take your time selecting the right Virtual Assistant that fits your need and budget.

About the Author:
Tahneesha Smith is the owner of A Virtual Blessing, a Christian based virtual assistant business that offers executive administrative assistance to small businesses.  A Virtual Blessing services include bookkeeping, administration and concierge/personal assistance.
Visit Tahneesha’s website at: www.avirtualblessing.com
Follow Tahneesha on Twitter: @virtualblessing

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5 Responses to 3 Things to “Forget About” When Selecting a Virtual Assistant **Top 5 Tip Winner**

  1. This is a catchy title ‘forget about it’ and always will be. The fact that it is memorable whilst highlighting issues of ethics and necessary facts about an industry that has so much to offer many businesses is also testament to its catchy title. Thanks for pointing out the 3 items above.

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  3. Very clever title, Tahneesha! Nice post!

    “Getting ‘great’ for nothing”…so very true! I see this all the time on poorly moderated RFP sites.

    RFPs which list low rates for experienced virtual assistants means that the potential client does not understand the true meaning of a virtual assistant.

    Forget about it!

    Janine Gregor

  4. Tahneesha says:

    Thanks for the comments! I appreciate the opportunity to participate in AVP’s Summer of Success! I support its mission to get the right information out to the business world.

  5. Darlene says:

    The title of Tahneesha’s post alone, rocks. I was hooked the first time I read it.

    I wanted to point out this line in her post: Take your time selecting the right Virtual Assistant that fits your need and budget. Great tip and one in which I think is very important to realize that taking the time to select the right VA for you is so very important.

    Think of it this way… partnering with a VA is like going to the doctor.

    If you had a heart problem you wouldn’t just go to any doctor, you would go to a specialist, a cardiologist. This is someone with experience in a chosen area and someone that understands your needs.

    I suspect you would also take your time in selecting which cardiologist to go to, perhaps you would even go to a cardiologist suggested to you by a friend or family member. You wouldn’t just go to any cardiologist or any doctor for that matter, willy-nilly.

    The same holds true when selecting a VA to partner with… find someone that understands your needs and has expertise in that area, ask your colleagues if they know of any VAs that can help you, do some homework (read client testimonials, look around on the web for reviews, see how the person interacts with others using Social Media — which can be akin to a doctor’s bed-side manner, if you will) and then select the VA that is right for you and your business.

    Your business is important and partnering with a VA is more than partnering with someone to hand tasks off to that you don’t want to do… Just like a doctor takes a vested interest in your health and your well-being, a VA takes a vested interest in the health and well-being of your business. Do your due diligence, find your VA and then give your VA the respect he or she deserves. :)

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