Tip for Working with a Virtual Assistant

Today’s Summer of Success entry comes from Shawna Schuh, a client that partners with a VA.  Here are a few things she suggests a person keep in mind when working with a VA.

1. Find someone who is nice – my VA, Darlene Victoria, is a nice person so it’s easy to work with her.

2. Be clear on what you want done – any confusion is usually on the part of the contractor.

3. Think long term, it takes a bit of time for someone to learn your ways – the way to get consistently good work is to think long term so everyone can learn how to best work together.

About the Author: Shawna Schuh is Certified Public Speaker and an extraordinary storyteller, who works with corporations and associations to develop environments that help people bring their best selves to the work they do.
Visit her website: http://www.shawnaschuh.com
Follow Shawna on Twitter: @shawnaschuh

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5 Responses to Tip for Working with a Virtual Assistant

  1. Darlene says:

    Thank you Shawna for your tips!

    I agree that finding someone who you mesh well with is important, someone that has a personality that fits well with yours. And finding someone nice, that always helps :)

    Also being clear on the items you need assistance with, including deadlines and specific requests are important. Communication plays a key role in any business relationship.

    Most of all, partnering with a VA and being in it for the long-haul is what working with a VA is all about. As a VA, when I partner with a business owner, I am not just assisting them with their business tasks, I have a stake in their business too, so to speak. I want to help them succeed and by helping them long-term, I can do just that.

  2. Leona says:

    Great points….I have found that some people you can’t mesh with and are very hard to work with unfortunately.

    As I “interview” a potential client I write down everything (long habit of mine taking notes) and ask questions as I go that way there shouldn’t be any issues. Along with an outline of the job requirements during contract writing time.

    As Darlene stated “Communication plays a key role in any business relationship.”, I can’t stress that enough. No matter where or who you work for or what you are doing, Communication is KEY!

    Thanks for this list…great points.

  3. Darlene says:

    I wanted to add that Shawna is nice and such a great person to work with! :)

  4. Serita Diana says:

    Everything your client says is so very true Darlene. And I also agree with what you said about finding someone you mesh well with.
    I ideally aim for someone that is focused on their business, is friendly, and communicates well. If there is a lack of clear communication then no good will come of the VA/ client relationship.
    And how great that your client did this for you! So awesome!!

  5. Absolutely Darlene and of course Serita! Communicate, communicate is so important. Without such ability the concept of collaboration is not going to happen ever. And as Shawna mentioned finding someone is nice makes working together a lovely ‘fit’. Thanks!

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