Ditch Your Day J-O-B and Start Doing What You Love!

This week I have a special interview blog post to share with you. Vidette Vanderweide (that’s Vidette on the right —>) is the creator of DitchYourJobNow.com and she is on a mission to help women live more passionately by doing what they love. Vidette took some time out of her busy day to answer some questions as it relates to her website, her experience, how not being a “supermom” is a-ok and most importantly about her: helping others succeed in doing what they love. Vidette is a breath of fresh air and oh-so-inspiring. Check out the interview below. To connect with Vidette, visit her website: http://www.ditchyourjobnow.com


Darlene Gonzalez: Please take a few moments to tell me about yourself.

Vidette Vanderweide: I am a mother of two boys, 3 & 5. I also have a husband who’s been my biggest cheerleader throughout the process of quitting my job and starting my business. I live in Orange County, CA by way of the East Coast and feel as though I’ve found the perfect place to live!

I continue to develop myself everyday dedicating myself to getting better as a person, mother, wife and entrepreneur. When we stop learning, we stop growing and it’s up me to continue to get better for my family and clients so I can inspire them to get better.

Darlene: Many of my podcast episodes provide tips to new business owners. I found your website to be vibrant and it provides an exciting and fresh approach to this topic. You specifically talk a lot about finding and following your passion in business. Can you take a few moments to talk about starting a business and why being passionate about what you do is so important?

Vidette: Starting a business was so much more than I ever expected as far as how I grew as a person. There’s a great amount of courage in just deciding to start a business. It took me a long time before realizing that I really wasn’t passionate about my life, which was a hard thing to admit. I was married, had kids, had a job with the greatest benefits, so on paper, my life looked perfect to many. But inside, I was dying a little bit everyday but never realized it.

I just thought I was restless or doing my best to climb the corporate ladder, but there was something missing in my life.

I finally came to terms with my situation, stepped through the guilt and finally admitted one day to feeling unfulfilled, but that realization changed my life. I decided to take control of my life and be fulfilled to be better for my family.

I started a business doing what I loved and doing what I knew was good at and that first day, everything changed! I was better in every role in my life and I started to experience joy and happiness in the little things in life….I actually noticed the flowers, the smell of the ocean in the air, the laughter of my kids.

It was an experience that so changed my life that it completely became my mission. To help other women live passionately and realize the drastic changes that come with doing so.

Darlene: The name of your website is: DitchYourJobNow.com. Ditching your job, to many budding entrepreneurs, is the ultimate goal! But, ditching your job can also be very scary. What are some steps a person can take in order to ease some of that fear?

Vidette: The decision to ditch my job was the scariest I have ever made. That said, the decision was the hardest. The minute I called in my notice, my life changed. Now, I quit before I had a business, so that isn’t the way I’d recommend doing it. It made for a lot of scary times, financially, however, nothing will motivate you more than to not have that paycheck anymore.

That said, I work very closely with clients to have a plan. There is a methodical way of setting one’s business up for a leveraged and lucrative business and done right, the time-frame of starting a business to being able to safely leave a job is shortened.

There will always be fear in dropping what many of have been raised with as being the norm…a job. Having to put total faith in oneself to earn a living and/or accomplishing a big mission will always drum up feelings of self doubt and insecurity.

That said, being a successful entrepreneur (whatever that means to the individual), is a process. Success isn’t about the money, per se, it’s more about the person you become. That person must stand up to fear, overcome it and move through it time and time again. So, leaving a job will only come when that person has showed their commitment to themselves and their business, so the person they are at that point, will probably have become “psychologically unemployable.’

Darlene: Weekly Wake-Up Call. I absolutely love the fact that you have a weekly wake-up call subscription on your website; a quick audio tip delivered to email on Monday mornings. What prompted you to do something like that? What advice do you have for new business owners when it comes to finding ways to use New Media in their business?

Vidette: My ideal client is a woman who is “miserably employed” looking for a way to live more passionately. I know Monday mornings in the corporate world are HORRIBLE!! It’s so hard to get moving, motivated and inspired when trying to get yourself up, get the kids up and out the door, fight traffic to simply get to a job you hate.

So, because I have a very specific vision of who my target market is, I thought about what it is they want, need, or would hope to have. Inspiration on a Monday came to my head. So, if I could deliver 5 – 10 minutes of inspiration, taking their mind off of their Monday ‘blues’ for that short amount of time, I feel like I’ve succeed for that day. Plus, when they are inspired for that 5 – 10 minutes, my hope is that they keep thinking about what is possible for them.

The new business model that we are now seeing today, an online business allows us to communicate our messages, teachings, and inspiration via technology. Utilizing new media is a must. Clients and students want their information ASAP and on their own terms, so by delivering it using technology, people will build their loyalty quickly to you.

Darlene: A lot of the listeners to this podcast are work at home moms. One of your latest blog posts entitled, “Why Women Juggling Work and Family Perfectly Annoy Me” got a giggle out of me. As women, we do try to be perfect in everything we do, from managing our business, to keeping the house in check and everything else in between.  Of course, there is no such thing as being perfect. We try anyway. What advice or thoughts would you like to share when it comes to balancing business and family?

Vidette: My biggest advice: it’s o.k. not to be perfect. It’s o.k. to admit you may not win the “mother of the year award.” It’s o.k. to have a messy house. It’s o.k. to leave a load of laundry on the couch until the next morning.

I spent a good portion of my married life, even before kids, “keeping up with the Jones,” I had to have a nice house, a nice car, etc. Then when my boys were born, it was exhausting living that life. Being o.k. with not being able to do it all has been YEARS in the making for me.

I used to get peeved if I saw my husband folding the laundry that I had set down on the couch hours prior. I thought that he was thinking I was a bad wife/mother. I now realize, that was the story I made up in my head. I also now realize that women like me are too tired and busy to even care if I’m perfect so who cares!

I have neighbors stop by for a cup of milk and I’m no longer embarrassed if my house isn’t spotless. I don’t care. When it’s all said and done, if my family is experiencing joy and happiness and we are laughing together, than I could care less if there are balls of dog hair floating across the floor.

But then again, my process in growing as an entrepreneur has made me the person I am. I am no longer concerned with the material things in life, but what’s happening in the present moment. I think when one lives passionately in life and has feelings of fulfillment, there isn’t the need to bury oneself in the material things.

Knowing what I know now, I now know that the “supermom” doesn’t exist. Everyone has their quirks so trying to keep up with something that doesn’t exist is just wasted time.

Darlene: Finally, do you have any tips or advice that you would like to share as it relates to creating and building a business?

Vidette: The biggest advice is to get a mentor.

There is a right way to build a business. I spent a lot of money trying to figure it out myself. I failed. I worked really hard. I learned a lot, but I didn’t get a head very quickly.

I finally decided to follow the path of many mentors that I had read about. All mentioned having mentors and coaches. It was an investment I was so frightened to make, however, after doing so, I now know I would have saved THOUSANDS of dollars had I just started out hiring a mentor.

I believe we all have a path to follow and that was mine, I just hope to inspire more to start at the first step, which is the scariest, but will get you much further.

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  1. I believe you are calling my name on this one. I can’t wait to look at ditch your job now. Excellent ladies…….

    • admin says:

      I am so happy to hear that this post “spoke to you”. I hope you find the insight and inspiration needed to following your passion!

  2. It’s great to go back and read this interview. Sometimes you learn something from your own dialogue.

    It was a pleasure doing this interview and I am grateful that it is being shared!

    ~ Vidette Vanderweide

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