A Virtual Perception is a virtual assistant podcast that provides business resources and home based business resources to virtual and home-based entrepreneurs.

Darlene Victoria, the show’s host and producer, provides insightful, friendly and inspiring advice and business resources to the show’s listeners. Done in a talk format, the highlight of A Virtual Perception is the interviews with business professionals who are in all stages of their business development and come from many different business backgrounds and industries.

Previous show topics included Real Estate Virtual Assistance, Podcasting, Inspirational Entrepreneur stories, Business Networking, Marketing tips, Social Media and more. The entire premise of the show is to provide resources to virtual or home-based small business owners  to use in their every day life.

The first episode of A Virtual Perception hit the internet airwaves in June 2008; it was the very first podcast by Darlene Victoria Gonzalez, a multimedia media specialist and owner of True Harmony Media, LLC.

The internet and social media are growing and because of this;  new and exciting ways for individuals to express themselves and share their expertise are presenting themselves every day.  Podcasting is one such way.

Podcasting can be in the form of audio or video. Podcasts are distributed via an RSS feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Listeners can subscribe to an RSS Feed and then once subscribed have available to them the most current episodes of a podcast. Listeners can listen to (or watch) a podcast on their personal computer or MP3 player, such as an iPod. The great thing about podcasts is listeners can listen to a podcast at any time; when it is most convenient for them.


Best Business Podcast Nominee  for 2010 and 2009 Podcast Award


This virtual assistant podcast’s primary demographic is Virtual Assistants who make-up over half of the show’s listening audience.    More than half of whom are female and over the age of 25.  Other audience classes include clients interested in working with Virtual Assistants and other virtual or home-based entrepreneurs.

Listener and Guest Feedback

“Darlene’s podcasting is a necessary resource for all Virtual Assistants!”
Robin Besotes, The Doctor’s RX

“We had a great time, as well as, several laughs.  Thanks for making the interviews so much fun.”
Anna Baron, REVA Institute

“Darlene, the host and creator of A Virtual Perception is a wonderful host, great conversationalist and a true inspiration to her fellow Virtual Assistants. Thanks for making this a great industry resource AND for brinigng your great show to the VAF website. It’s such a treat to be able to listen while reading the forums :)”
Virtual Assistant Forums via iTunes

“Consistancy Counts – So many businesses start podcasting but never follow through with more episodes. Darlene does an excellent job keeping up with her goal.”
Collette Schultz via PodcastAlley.com

You can read what others listeners are saying about past episodes here:


Episode Schedule

A Virtual Perception currently airs new episodes on a weekly basis and are available every Wednesday afternoon. Episodes of A Virtual Perception can be found at Virtual Assistant Forums, a social networking and discussion forum for Virtual Assistants, on iTunes, where it currently holds the number two spot for top results for the search  term virtual assistant and on the podcast’s website. You may also find A Virtual Perception on many other podcast directory websites too, like Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle.

Average run time for each episode is between 20-45 minutes.

Advertising Opportunities

Reach your specified target market by advertising on A Virtual Perception.

Website Advertisements 

Sidebar Placement Currently Available:
125 x 125 px – Ads must be GIF, JPG or PNG.
Banner ads and designs are subject to approval.

In-show Advertisements
Limited Mid-Roll or End-Roll Advertising Available

Spot ads to run no longer than 30 seconds. Copy to be supplied by advertiser and read on air by the show’s host.
On-air advertisements are subject to approval.

Please contact Darlene to discuss your options and for further information.

Media and Advertising Contact

Darlene Victoria Gonzalez
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